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Sandra Davis ( Killeen Texas )

After seeing a few tiles on the ground after a high wind or storm, I have often thought about roof repair but was afraid of the cost and all the other issues that might come along with dealing with my insurance company.  After an assessment of my roof done by Shawn, he assured me that the process would be seamless and that he would help every step of the way.  From the initial call to my insurance company, to the meeting of their assessor, even down to the lingo used in roofing, Shawn was there to walk me through EVERY step.  Once my insurance company assessed the damage and did what they were expected to do, Shawn and his team did everything in a quick and timely manner and now I have a new roof.  I am very pleased with my new look as well as how easy and fast  the process was.   I would refer all of my friends to him for their roofing needs.

Sandra Davis